Wednesday 28 September 2011

Best Linkedin Tools



LinkedinAbox provides a widget that displays various profile information on your blog or site in a neat looking rectangular box. The information at LinkedinAbox is displayed inside the box without you having to leave the web page you are on. Information that you can choose to display are your profile summary, specialties, education, experience, public profile,and ‘drop me a line’ etc. You can choose from six color themes for the box or choose to put a background picture.


LinkedIn Contacts Management

This tool imports your LinkedIn contact list information complete with name, email, country, company, etc.It is a desktop application that functions as a mailing list manager allowing you to send emails to all your LinkedIn contacts at one go. You can filter this list later according to your requirements. You can also export your data in a CSV or text format. 


LinkedIn Contacts

Linkedin Contacts is a Facebook apps that allows you to share your LinkedIn contacts on your Facebook profile or share them with your friends. So if you know someone in LinkedIn who could be of help to one of your Facebook friends, then this might be a good way to introduce them to each other.


Email Linkify

Email Linkify is a Greasemonkey script that you can use on your Firefox browser. It changes all the emails in your online inbox or websites into web links. Clicking these links adds the emails into your LinkedIn Contact List.


My Company’s Hiring

My Company’s Hiring is another Facebook apps that you can use to display available job positions in you organization. Does your company pay referral fee to anyone who brings in new employees to the organization? If the answer is yes, then it’s time you use the power of social networking to help you earn a part of this fee.


My Resume

My Resume is one of the best resumes. It is an another Facebook apps that lets you post your Linkedin profile or your resume on Facebook. You can use this tool to request resumes from your Facebook friends.You can search for resume and there is a country specific listing as well.To view resumes for professionals who are not in you immediate network, you need to earn credits by inviting your friends to see your resume, writing or getting a recommendation.


LinkedIn hResume

Linkedin hResume is a WordPress plugin to display your LinkedIn profile in your WordPress blog in your own customized design. It does the job by using the hResume microformat block from your LinkedIn page.You need to set your LinkedIn profile to Full View in order to make this plugin work.


LinkedIn Toolbars

Linkedin Toolbars is set of official tools from LinkedIn itself consisting of a outlook toolbar, browser toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, email signature, Mac search widget, and a Google toolbar assistant. With the Outlook toolbar, you can update your Outlook contacts with LinkedIn profile and receive notification when your contacts make any changes in their profiles. The browser toolbar has a search form and provides access to various LinkedIn profiles. The Jobs Insider tool in the browser toolbar allows you to check out job openings at popular job sites and connect you to people in your network who work in a recruitment company.


LinkedIn Search Engines for Firefox

Linkedin Search Engine for Firebox is a plugin that adds the LinkedIn search options to the Firefox browser’s default search box in the upper right hand corner of the browser. There are two engines available. The first one allows you to search contacts by name, title, or organization. The second one allows you to search for jobs in the LinkedIn network.


Export LinkedIn Connections

It is another tool from LinkedIn that allows you to export your LinkedIn contacts to Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Yahoo! Address Book, or Mac OS Address Book as a CSV or VCF file. Detailed instructions for each of the services are given on the LinkedIn site.

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