Friday 30 September 2011

Best 8 Twitter Tools


The following tools are helpful in understanding twitter accounts as well as helpful in performing tasks like keyword analysis.


Twitterfall best feature is that it offers strong customizable searches. This tool allows you to filter your search results, view timeline, mentions and much more. The results are displayed in near real time with a really powerful interface.To easily see what’s going on all results are shown in a single-column with color coded layout.




It’s a best feature of Retweets is that it shared on Twitter. This tool is a third party apps that’s aim is to find out the most retweeted URL’s and tweets. This helps in finding out the most influential people or topics on twitter by counting the number of retweets.



The Arcivist

You can setup a file and keep tabs on the associated activity if you are launching a campaign with a specific hash tag. For tracking keywords and hash tags on an ongoing basis this is the best tool. The tool saves all the tweets mentioning your keywords to your account by getting around the twitter API (Application Programming Interface) limits. This enables you to view tweets over a specific time period, the most popular users and URL’s shared.


It displays a graph showing the twitter outputs versus follower numbers that clearly depicts how well an account’s content is being received.This tool tracks complete stats of twitter activities including the number of followers, following and the total number of tweets.




TwitterSnooze best feature is that you don’t need to quit following anyone you can just put them on snooze for a certain time period. TwitterSnooze helps in unsubscribing tweets that are flooding your time line every ten minutes. So you can get rid of tweets you are not interested in hearing about.




TwiCam is very useful and easy in use. With TwiCam you can not only upload photos from your computer but can also take live photos from your web cam and submit directly to your twitter profile.You can add animations to the photos that are saved in gif or static jpg format.



Desktop Tweet

It makes it much easier to add extra visual functionality to the users tweets. This tool enables you to quickly take snap shots of your computer screen and it’s just the matter of seconds to tweet them up on twitter.




TweetGenius is one of the best twitter apps. It offers tweeting, photo sharing, viewing trends and GPS functions. You can send photos to a number of various online photo services and enables searching in real time.


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