Thursday 22 September 2011

5 Methods To Schedule Facebook Updates


If you want to share a link with your friends, with all of these services, but one, you will be forced to include the link in your status update, rather than as a separate link as you can do directly within Facebook. Below is a list of a few of the free methods you can use to schedule your Facebook updates.


With LaterBro you can schedule Facebook status updates, while simultaneously updating Twitter. The service is as bare bones as it gets, simply allowing you to schedule updates. The disadvantage to using LaterBro is that status updates are limited to 140 characters, even though Facebook status updates do allow you 420 characters per update. While you can’t add images to your updates, you can include links, and LaterBro has a native url shortener. Updates can be scheduled every fifteen minutes, and you can also schedule certain updates to be repeated on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

schedule facebook updates

All scheduled updates are visible in your account, and you can delete them before hand individually or in bulk.

The status updates on Facebook will feature a link to LaterBro.



TweetDeck allows you to schedule updates to its supported social networks, including Facebook. When updating your Facebook status on TweetDeck, click the clock icon next to the button marked Send.

You can then enter the exact time and date when the update will be sent.

schedule facebook posts free

The update on Facebook will feature a link to TweetDeck.



With SocialTomorrow, after granting the site access to your Facebook account, with a free account, you can then schedule Facebook (or Twitter) updates, but the free accounts do have their limits. With SocialTomorrow you are limited to 10 free updates per month. In comparison to the other services listed here, SocialTomorrow does also suffer as far as it’s interface is concerned. The design of the site feels very outdated, and there is nothing slick about it. That said, if you need a simple way to schedule a limited number of Facebook updates per month, the service will do the trick.

schedule facebook posts free

Another drawback to using SocialTomorrow is that all updates are appended with the hashtag, #socialtomorrow, which, while understandable if not a bit annoying on Twitter, it’s of course entirely pointless on Facebook.



Using the Twitter and Facebook client, HooteSuite, you can easily schedule Facebook updates. While free accounts cannot schedule updates in bulk, you can still schedule as many updates as you like individually. When creating a new update, click the calendar button, and you can select the exact date and time you want the update to appear, and click OK.

schedule facebook posts

Updates scheduled through HooteSuite will feature a direct link to the app.



Greeting Scheduler

The Facebook app Greeting Scheduler takes a different approach to scheduling updates, that isn’t available in the other services listed here. Rather than schedule only your own Facebook status updates, it allows you to schedule updates to be posted on friend’s walls. So if you’re a forgetful person, or don’t log into Facebook on a daily basis, but don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish a friend a happy birthday, for example, this is the ideal app to use. And of course, you can also use it to schedule your own status updates.

The first step is to determine which friends’ walls you want the message posted on, or if you want to post it to your own wall. After scheduling the date and time, you can then enter the message or status update before going onto the next step.

schedule facebook posts

You then have the choice between entering a more elaborate message, with text formatting, or you can choose to share a link instead.

schedule facebook posts

Unlike the other options listed here, when sharing a link using Greeting Scheduler, when it is posted on your profile, it will appear like other links shared through Facebook itself.

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