Tuesday 11 October 2011

Top 15 Skype Tools


Skype to RJ11 Adapter

If you want to any call forward, you can do it because this is the main feature in it. Forward calls from Skype to cellphone and back again. $63.90.


RapidBox is very useful tool, in it USB connect box that lets you hook up your normal phone to Skype. $49.95.

Flash Phone F1K

It is the best feature that it’s Clever USB flash drive with Skype on-board. Plug and call technology. $46.90


You can send messages to Skype from any web browser, anywhere.


  Cellphone to Skype calls and back. Pro and Net versions are free.

Talking Headz

In it you can use animated avatars for chat.


It’s auto mute for Win amp or Media Player when you receive a Skype call.

World Clock

World Clock is not a normal clock it show the local time of the person you are talking to.

Call Calculator

Call Calculator is work out your call cost savings.

Skype Journal

It is not an add-on as such, but a nice Skype blog. Very useful.

Spontania video4IM

  The best Skype video plug-in around. Yes, it’s free.


Amy’s best feature is auto answer, voicemail and Delayed Messaging software.


MiTunes is pause iTunes when a Skype call arrives.


Jyve is very cool technology and graphics to Skype enable your website.


Audimatic works very cool. It control Skype using audio voice commands. $29.95


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