Monday 10 October 2011

Best Useful Google+ Tools


Google Plus Bar

  This is a very simple and neat bookmark let which adds an audio/video bar on top of your Google+ stream.  For now the following channels are available, Amazing Radio, DFH Radio, Groove shark, BBC News and TWiT live stream options.


Facebook Friends Exporter

 The most controversial chrome extension which exports all your Facebook friends to Google Contacts which helps you get all your friends in your ‘Friends’ Circle easily. Being very useful for all those who plan to move from Facebook to Google+, Facebook somehow managed to block its use all over thus making the developer Mohamed Mansour to work on it again and make it work.



 Google+ Photo Zoom

Just move your mouse over the image and +Photo Zoom would do its work. Images are posted in fixed size on Google+ and there is no way you could zoom those and check them if needed. So this is a very simple chrome extension which allows you to zoom any photo published on your stream. 




This website lets you connect to your Facebook account, after which all your Facebook photos and albums will be migrated over to Google’s Picasa service.  Once moved to Picasa, they are practically on Google+ making your job to move from Facebook to Google+ much more easy.


Google+ Vanity URL

Sharing your profile with anyone is difficult, Google+ profiles are linked via the profile id which is a long number. This gets annoying when you have to type in your Google+ profile link anywhere. An official vanity url might come but till then we have this simple web app to make it easy.




The notifications on Google+ are amazing, but to actually have them pop up on your browser, you need to be on one of the Google websites. Making this more easy and helping Google+ get more addictive, this chrome extension lets you access your notifications and make a new post anywhere on internet.  So, this extension lets you check, read, comment and share without actually visiting any Google website.




 Just like twitter, socialstatistics tracks all the Google+ users and analyses all the present users. The site claims Mark Zuckerberg is the most followed person on Google+ i.e. he's  most of the user Circles. Go check it out, it’s a fun website and would let you follow so awesome people on Google+ which you are missing.


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